Васильев Александр Юрьевич (auvasilev) wrote,
Васильев Александр Юрьевич

Занимательная психиатрия

By Andrew Roth

MOSCOW — There was a time when the arrival of Alexander Borodai and his posse of camouflaged gunmen could clear out a restaurant in just minutes.

But that was in Donetsk, Ukraine, in 2014, where Borodai was prime minister of a ­pro-Russian separatist government. Now, he is back in his native Moscow and, as he tells it, back to his old day job as a public relations consultant.

“When you are not on television, people start to forget what you look like,” he said, sinking into a cream-colored sofa in a tony Moscow restaurant for an interview. “And thank God for that. It was hard to go out on the street at first.”

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